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Roni Silver - Indonesia Hand Crafted Silver Jewelry

Roni Silver - Indonesia Hand Crafted Silver Jewelry

Modern and ethnic silver jewelry ethnic in 925 sterling silver

ronisilverRoniSilver brings you silver jewelry direct from the  source. My  name is Roni. I grew up in the town of Bangil on the island of Java, Indonesia. My family for generations have handcrafted silver jewelry. Bangil is a small town whose major industry has been hand crafted gold and silver jewelry made by generations of family craftsmen, supplying both labour and silver jewelry to Bali, Sumatra, and Java tourist shops, in addition to sales throughout the world.

RoniSilver offers silver jewelry ranges from modern to ethnic in 925 sterling silver and offer a wide variety of stones that match the beautiful silver. Some of my products are not stamped with 925 due to circumstances in making the jewelry but I guarantee that my silver jewelry is 925 sterling silver. There are no middle men, so RoniSilver is able to give you the best prices of silver jewelry.


Please also ask about our ability to hand craft designs designed by you and made specifically for you. Most of RoniSilver designs can also be special ordered in gold, or with the type of stone of your choosing. While RoniSilver keeps inventory in the U.S., special orders will come direct from Bangil, Indonesia, so shipping time will be greatly increased.

Retailers are welcome to ask about wholesales pricing. The selections of my silver jewelry come from my heart for you to enjoy. Ronisilver caters to wholesalers only from now on and we officially open our store in Bali,Patimura Street no 55 Kuta,Bali and are adding more lines,pls send inquiry to get the price

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